3 Biggest Job Interview Mistakes in Bangladesh

By Anisha Hassan


Interviews are inevitable, something we all must face at least at one point in our lives unless we want to stay unemployed. But it is one of those things we tend to mess up quite a lot, and sometimes pretty embarrassingly too even after googling “How to nail interviews” more than 50 times. What’s funny is the fact that most of us Bengalis tend to sum up to the same old mistakes.

Not-Dressed for the occasion

We have an unusual way of overdressing or underdressing for events, there is no in-between. Dressing too formal and stiff is just as unappealing as going in a pair of jeans. Either way you have managed to show the interviewer you do not understand the importance of dress codes. Show up in a well dressed attire and a tidy appearance to create lasting first impressions.

Don’t just talk the talk.

Not having the most impressive resume is understandable, but trying to cover it up with fake stories, maybe some flattery, worst of all excuses are the worse things we tend to do to retreat to at such situations. Interviewers see right through the film-flam and by the time you will be done with your mush, so will your chances of ever getting the job. Do not overstate things, stick with what you got.

Frivolous Fidgeting.

Constant rubbing of hands, picking at nails and let us not forget shaking our feet is just like the cherry on top of an unsuccessful interview. It shows immaturity and inability to stay calm, takes the interviewees’ mind off of the questions and not to mention it is pretty annoying to the interviewer.

These things no matter how small affects our interviews in large ways. Some jobs come once in a lifetime, which means for this case chose precautions over learning from mistakes.




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