Advocating the rise of AI- powered human content

Remember the time when we spent hours learning English grammar but ended up with wrong, unclear sentences? Then we would come across annoying YouTube ads saying, “You need to get Grammarly!” and suddenly find our life savior in writing. Grammarly is just one example of how artificial intelligence has changed our lives. Whether it comes to checking your content or making references for college papers, artificial intelligence is everywhere.


Growing up, movies like the Terminator or Robot portrayed terrifying illustrations of futuristic worlds where humankind will be cowering under the feet of Robots or AI. Ironically, instead of making humanity cower under the feet of AI, it has created new spectrums of opportunities for humans that enable them to stand up with their uniqueness.


The rapid acceleration of the world makes human connections more and more paramount every day. Content writing has become an important means of sharing personal stories, thoughts, and ideas, marketing strategies, creating revolutions, and so on.


AI has introduced us to a new paradigm of business through entrepreneurship that endorses inventiveness of human content, giving each individual the opportunity to express themselves. AI-powered content platforms have opened new doors of human connections through social media blogs, articles, posts, quotes, websites, etc.


AI-powered human content platforms


Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok have become solid platforms for creating content and starting businesses. Whether it is to find that ‘Perfect Quote’ on Instagram to mirror your wavering emotions or finding your type of videos on Tiktok or getting a ‘Personalized Ad’ on Facebook that picks your interest, AI has got it all.


It is rather impressive to see that these AI-powered platforms have enabled dancers, writers, influencers, content creators, and artists of all sorts to showcase their talents to millions of viewers. The spur of attention from the audiences is astounding as the artists keep on adding fun bits to their content. As the hype of technology-backed entrepreneurship grows, the young generation finds new ways to collaborate their talents with artificial intelligence.


Steampug content is an exemplary content company in Bangladesh that focuses on writing, designing, and digital marketing. Steampug was founded by a young entrepreneur named Raad Sharar Bin Kamal who has used this platform to professionalize the contents of thousands of writers, designers, and web developers across the country.



Does the rise of AI-powered human content threaten to manipulate our own creativity to some extent?


We, humans, are ingrained in a phony war with artificial intelligence for ages. However, artificial intelligence works based on a set of codes or instructions where the human content can form deeper connections between people.


Surely, the AI does refine and change some content, for example, Grammarly checks our papers and refines our writing but it saves time and paves our way towards betterment. Another great example would be Jarvis, which is an AI that helps to break through writer’s block, write ads, emails, content, etc keeping the gist of the content original. Thus, it is plausible to say that AI-powered human contents are not manipulated, rather modified.


The diverging mesh of new to newer contents every day is overwhelming yet intimidating as many still question the future of AI-powered human content.


What will the future of AI-powered human content look like?


I believe that Artificial Intelligence will play a significant role in enhancing the creativity in human content in the future. Creativity is seldom a solitary pursuit, but rather a collaborative effort and thus the collaboration with AI will introduce newer horizons. As Michael Björn, Head of Research Agenda at Ericsson’s Consumer Lab and author of the Connected Intelligent Machines report, says: “The future of content creation is indeed collaborative, but I believe that creators who collaborate with AI will have an edge”.


It is plausible to say that AI-powered human content has undeniably changed the spectrums of marketing and influenced growth amongst youngsters. So, hold your seats to watch the future success of AI-powered human content in its future endeavors.




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