Amazing Drinks Of Dhaka Streets

By Marzan Jamia


Quenching the thirst of pedestrials and the busy bodies, be it in the heat under the scorching afternoon sun or after a shower of pouring rain, the streets of Dhaka always have a vendors selling strange drinks! The preparation and the unique ideas behind these drinks are surely eye-catchy, hygienic or not. At the very least, they’re worth a try in your travels.


Lebu Cha

Boil some tea until it is maroon red and only then squeeze a generous amount of lemon in it, adding a little sugar. The sipping-raw-tea-at-home luxury may not be replaced here, but it surely takes off the fatigue and kicks in energy for those who need it.


Beauty Shorbot

As simple as it gets, drinks don’t get more refreshing than this. Best when tried from Puran Dhaka, this mixture of lemon, sugar and ice surprises every fibre of your body with incomparable relaxation.


Aloe Vera Juice

The fancy aloe vera has made its debutant, in especially the Banani areas. Running the knife slyly along the edges to take off the skin, spooning out the gel to beat it like an egg in a mug, adding water, sugar and lemon to it and VOILA!



Whoever visited the New Market area knows the drill. After the ladies had done their shopping, the next stop is always the sweet buttermilk (lassi) stall. Watching curd and water swirl in the blender with the crushing sound of ice is equally mesmerising to the deliciousness of the drink.


Sugar Cane Juice

Known as “akher sorbot,” the drink is a must-have! One does not really get to see sugarcane a lot in the city, but then there are those vendors squeezing out the juice from them using a heavy machine and serving it with some ice in a mug on the sidewalk.



While coffees are forever available, people choose to sip on the steaming paper/glass cups of tea garnished with a sprinkle of instant coffee in the end. And they taste strangely fantastic!


Fresh Fruit Juice

This is often orange juice. The tangy taste of the cold citrus fruit may not be the best on the street, but still helps to cool down after toiling to and fro.


Malai Cha

The agenda is not much different from coffee, but levels up with the creamy layers of milk. This is one drink that always taste better on the street!


The list is long with also ‘lebu sorbot’, ‘bel sorbot’ and the famous coconut water.


In order to relish them, book a trip with and enjoy the Dhaka street creativities. It’s truly an experience worth having.


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