Bangladeshi Entrepreneur Merges AI with Human Intelligence in Content Creation By Sabah Azrin Karim

The evolution of artificial intelligence is an emerging topic in the present world. Artificial intelligence is no longer a buzzword; it is a reality. Artificial intelligence has merged with human intelligence and created wonders around the world.


Sadly, we humans are still ingrained in a phony war with artificial intelligence. The extensive debates about the pros and cons of AI are still unfaltering. However, the need to compete with AI has become tedious, and humans are proceeding to merge AI with human intelligence to open the doors to a new dimension.


AI and Human Intelligence: A step towards an advanced future


It is needless to say how AI has changed our lives. Be it “Alexa, play some music” or “Hey, Siri!” Artificial intelligence is intensely tangled in our lives. AI and human intelligence are interdependent. Artificial intelligence is continuously uplifting human intelligence.

A classic example would be ‘Uber.’ The ‘Uber’ driver uses artificial intelligence to take clients and to take them to their destinations. However, his driving skill isn’t replaced by AI; it is enhanced. As a result, clients no longer need to rely on the driver’s driving skills; instead, they trust the application to select cars and drivers according to their preferences.


Similarly, AI has made content creation and sharing fast and feasible in the content world. Platforms like ‘Grammarly,” ‘Google AutoDraw,’ ‘Chegg’ and much more use AI to modify our content and give suggestions, making our work brief and more efficient.


Entrepreneurs merge AI with human intelligence in creating content: 


Bangladesh has shown a positive approach in the race to create successful entrepreneurs. The people of Bangladesh have also deeply integrated AI into their lives. Content creation has become a significant part of people’s lives, and various content-creating platforms have made content making easy, fast, and feasible for people. An example of such a fantastic company is SteamPug.


A young graduate named Rad Sharar Bin Kamal is the CEO and founder of the content company called SteamPug. SteamPug is a community with many freelance writers, web designers, and editors who create content for clients based on their preferences.


How does SteamPug merge human intelligence with artificial intelligence in content creation? 


SteamPug has a large community of writers, web designers, and editors who use their intelligence and creativity to create content. However, the parameters of the content can often be subjective, which can vary from the preferences of the client. It is time-consuming trying to decipher the intentions of every client, and this is where the use of AI becomes paramount. The writers, designers, and editors use apps like ‘Grammarly,’ ‘UX design,’ ‘ADOBE Photoshop,’ ‘Logo Design’ and many more that help them to create content that matches client satisfaction. The clients no longer need to trust the company’s judgment or the writers or designers; they can put their faith in AI, which is not subjective and has a constant view of content.


Humans can put feelings and emotions in creating content that establishes the connection between people. However, humans are prone to making mistakes as their emotions are volatile. With the help of Artificial intelligence, humans can exceed their limitations and enhance their skills. SteamPug gives ultimate priority to the client’s preferences by using Artificial intelligence to judge and modify the content.


The entrepreneurs are the driving forces behind unveiling the creativity in people. Being an entrepreneur means dealing with the uncertainty of the unknown and having the ability to exploit or respond intelligently towards change. It is nevertheless a proven fact that entrepreneurship can be the engine of economic growth. Based on the positive empirical findings on the close relationship between technology and the rise of entrepreneurship, it can be divulged that the merge of AI with human intelligence in content creation will accelerate economic growth, more business opportunities, and societal transformation. In the future, the influence of AI in the content realm will be more robust. Thus, more entrepreneurs should come forward and merge human intelligence with AI to create platforms that will significantly facilitate the exploration of new ideas.



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