Working Lean, Mean and Green

While environmentalism sounds like a big responsibility, it all boils down to small changes that lead to a bigger impact. Every day from 9 to 5, there are thousands of people going to work to contribute to the economy. However, this contribution can lead to a significant impact on the environment that may not necessarily […]

Healthcare sector

Educating millions about the rationality, precautions and safety steps of healthcare activities is the primal goal of the healthcare sector. Content marketing can does a lot to showcase the intermediate brand awareness. When it comes to learning about new diseases, it’s confirmation and the exposure around the world, there’s nothing more reliable to retract information […]

Advertising sector

Your audience want answers and for you, it’s important to generate leads. Content marketing allows the brand to open doors for consistency in delivering messages around any certain topic, campaign etc. Big brands resort to advertising in order to create a mark of their presence. However, the branding isn’t as easy as it may seem. […]

Shipping and logistics

Content marketing in logistics is like a ship that’ll take you to the land of opportunities. Since new to newer trends are emerging, it is so crucially important to sort resources and rightly uphold the market updates. Since supply chain is relatively competitive in the market, you’d want to rely on the digital media allowing […]

Why good websites are expensive

Internet is the hub of all information one can possibly imagine, websites is the heart of the hub. Building a good website, without a doubt takes much relished effort and intensive care. Good websites come off expensive simply because of the labor and mind one puts behind it. But beyond the effort, one also has […]

We bring KPI’S to Creativity

The word ‘entrepreneur’ is recurrent in the present world. Entrepreneurs are as ubiquitous as search engines. However, being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it looks. An entrepreneur needs to make a series of choices, constantly brainstorm and plan the next steps and be vigilant about the changing world. However, continually brainstorming new ideas […]

Tools to measure the quality of the website you designed

You designed your website and you’re ready to launch, sounds about right. But what if I told you that you can actually test the quality of the website you designed, within minutes and with just a few tools? It would have been great if there was an option to test everything else in life too […]