Real Estate News in Bangladesh

One In spite of scarce land, the real estate industry has been booming since the liberation of 1971, at the rate of 3.25% per year. It has an extensive potential to attract investment to its different segments. Progress is only possible with industry-government teamwork. The government must provide financial incentives to developers to build low-cost […]

8 Hidden Secrets of Buying Apartments

Real estate is one of the few types of assets that do not depreciate easily. It’s an easy bet when it comes to investment. However, some real estate investments are more profitable than others. A clever differentiated understanding can result in you stumbling upon much more value in a lesser amount of time than you […]

5 Vital Tips on Rental Property Maintenance

Property maintenance for rental properties includes seasonal & routine maintenance, emergency maintenance and regular maintenance associated with owning a home and protecting your property.   Landlords are legally required to keep their rental property in a habitable condition for their renters. In most cases, this means fixing appliances when they break, replacing roofs, repairing damaged […]

5 Technologies Every Real Estate Player Needs To Know Today

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, and data and technology are what’s driving it. Innovation continues to be the catalyst for change in all industries in the world of business. Real estate is no exception.   The market and its drivers are more mobile, and more connected than ever before. Businesses can operate anywhere […]