The perfect design to ensure traction for your website

How awesome does the engagement of your website gets when it runs with maximum traction? Remember when you were taught that first impression lasts a fortune? Well, this is also where it implies. When a visitor enters your website, the first glance will always be the determinant point of whether or not they’ll stick around […]

The new age of marketing: influencers

With the dynamic advancement of the marketing hub, the scene is pretty different in the business world to what it was, 50 to 60 years back. More people are resorting to the online approach in order to focus on the new age promotional realm. One of such realm is the influencer marketing where celebrities are […]

The Creative Mind behind SPC

We often hear the success stories of entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Durreen Shahnaz, and many others who chased their dreams by breaking the barriers. Today, I would like to share the story of a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur who has created a fantastic platform for people to chase their dreams. This young entrepreneur is Rad Sharar Bin […]

SteamPug content taking Bangladesh to the future of digital content

“Hey, check out this meme!” is the new trendy way of connecting with people. Gone are the days of letters as now people share their feelings via memes or quotes on various digital platforms. In a world where ‘sharing is caring,’ digital content like memes, quotes, and Instagram stories have become an indispensable part of […]

Providing Freelancers with Professional and Creative Work

Freelancing has introduced a new era of changing work structure by recognizing every talent. Talents are incomparable, and every talent deserves to be valued. In the ‘old days,’ people were conditioned to believe that we needed to get a conventional job that paid well and stick with it for the rest of our lives. The […]

Local Entrepreneur helps Professionalize Your Creativity

The word ‘entrepreneur’ has brought a revolutionary shift in the current world of business. There was a time when being an entrepreneur was akin to sailing in the stormy weather- yes, it was possible but only by a few persistent souls. While some risk-takers would reach their destination, others would be devoured by the vast […]

Is WordPress obsolete

WordPress is anything but obsolete! It is not going anywhere, at least for now. The number of WordPress-powered websites are plenty and some of them are major companies using WP from the very core. You can refer to WordPress as the boss of the Web as it’s now a full framework of a strong content […]

How to choose the right influencer for your brand

With the competitive influencer market, it is anything but easy to find the suitable influencer that would justly promote your brand. Choosing influencers shouldn’t be too tough, someone who can accurately represent your brand and aligns with values associated with it, is the right person to carry the promotional activities. With the specifics in mind, […]

Essentials of a successful web designer

You definitely don’t need rocket science to be an incredibly smart web designer. All you’d ever need is a tech gear and the essential soft skills to set yourself apart from any other web designer. So should we go a little specific? Let’s get straight to the facts! Web design and graphic design software   […]

Common website designs that we hate

Don’t you absolutely hate when a website takes forever to load or has defective navigation history? Well, you’re not alone because those features are exactly what everyone hates about a website that is supposedly built to provide effectiveness. Let’s look into some of the common website designs which not only you, but most people cannot […]