Common website designs that we hate

Don’t you absolutely hate when a website takes forever to load or has defective navigation history? Well, you’re not alone because those features are exactly what everyone hates about a website that is supposedly built to provide effectiveness.

Let’s look into some of the common website designs which not only you, but most people cannot approve of

Excessive pop-ups:


Talk about being in a constant disruption! Excessive pop-ups on a website can be seriously annoying when the CTA copy persistently guilt-trips you. The smart way to handle pop-ups  is use them in moderation.

Not optimized for mobile:


It is a major bummer if the website does not support the mobile screen. One simply does not want to pinch the screen in and out just to see some of the content. The UX for the website has to be optimized in order for visitors to access from their phone. Otherwise, the website cannot be as flexible as the services it claims to offer, can it?

Media content that Auto-plays:


Imagine you’re travelling and what you thought to be a peaceful browsing session, turns out to be a super embarrassing scene in the public. Websites that generate multimedia content that has an automated display does not have the button that says “stop”. Visitors will less likely engage with a website that has built in automated multimedia content.

Final words:


There are other features of a website such as animation disorientation, generic stock photos and unintelligible navigation- which makes a website not worth browsing. Not only do we hate a poorly assembled website, we protest to not make one in future! Steampug content is where you can get just the right amount of help to build the website your dreams!

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