who are we?

Content is king, and very few companies provide powerful, effective and tailored content alone as a sole service in Bangladesh. 

Our mission is to become a global content company which brings sense to creativity, generates incremental value and network for everyone involved.


Founder Story

“Great stories craft great companies. It all starts with what you say and write about yourself.”

There are tens of thousands of talented youngsters who are looking desperately to earn their tuition/rent/living to take the pressure off their families; with fantastic content capabilities. We simply wished to connect them with businesses which require written content in the form of articles, blogs, designs, websites etc. on a regular basis. And hence, SteamPug Content was born.

Rad Sharar Bin Kamal

Founder and CEO

SteamPug Content

How do we work?

Every step is automated, from order taking to work delivery. Just fill it out what you wish for us to write, design, develop or market. We’ll take care of the rest.


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what are we trying to solve?

The problem?

Over 47% (almost half) of the Bangladeshi population accounts for the youth, and their net secondary education unemployment rate is still poor at over 40%. Commonly, Students/Young professionals at university levels have two acceptable options of income or employment, namely coaching other students or working as interns at local companies. Although they have raw skills of value, particularly in writing, lack of experience and representation do not allow them to earn as much as they are truly capable of.

SteamPug Content provides employment to these student/young professionals to earn money through specialized freelance work, as a collective community. With over 100+ content developers creating specialized content for numerous platforms, they are now earning from home.

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We want to automate every single step, from order taking to work delivery. We are constantly working towards that. For starters, we have project requirement forms with every service we provide. Just fill it out. We’ll take care of the rest.