Décor: Themed Weddings

By Marzan Jamia


The theme of a wedding affirms the bride and the groom’s personality; sometimes even the magical story which brought them to their big day. Nowadays, people increasingly believe in celebrating life with extravagant fashion, but with a personal touch to create a fond memoire. In Dhaka, the same attitude is being witnessed. Weddings have now elevated themselves from a ceremonial incorporation between two souls to a grand expression of personality.


Although devoting a consistent theme to every wedding function is still yet to be seen, the demand for “contextual” themed weddings as promoted by top wedding planners like Sygmaz and Ikebana are on the rise.


Knowing the difference


Growing up with fairytales, a bride may want a Beauty and the Beast theme on her special day. As enchanting as the concept may be, it still gets difficult to have a “holud” with a beast photo booth or Mrs Potts serving coffee to the guests. Similarly, a groom wanting a musical theme like an Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas conflicts with our cultural serenity.


However, the following themes may be doable and justified.


Songs of ice and fire


The hype of Game of Thrones is definitely not underrated in Dhaka, but having an Iron Throne and dragons at your wedding might be pushing it. However, it is not as bad an idea adorning the bride and her crew in silver, and the groom and his folk in gold. With two fan-favorite characters Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow serving the theory of bringing together “ice and fire,” the couple of the hour may celebrate their romance being wrapped in fantasy with the theme can be maintaining throughout; be it for wrapping presents or choosing barfi and motichur laddu combo boxes for the wedding sweets!




Birthday parties for children are being celebrated generously with carousals and baby colours being infused with silver. Ceremonies at a wedding can also have a carnival theme, or as more traditionally mentioned – Mela.


You can bring in a nagordola within the premises, decorate with a burst of vibrant colors, serve food which compliments the palette of Bengali cuisine and keep a few rented rickshaws as decorations. Especially if the events are done during the day under sunlight, imagine the photos!




Everyone grooves in Bollywood songs at their wedding whether they like it or not. Why not taking it a bit further and have Sanjay Leela Bhansali artwork and make the wedding larger than life with mesmerising colors and wide use of gold chandeliers for the venues? Perhaps ditch the 30 kg lehenga and have a Sabyasachi Mukherjee creation for the bride. This is already happening, and it’s high time these components are put together under the theme.


What remains after a wedding are memories. The ideal life partner is one, but no one can really resist flipping through countless Vogue pages for the perfect wedding look or wish to do something out of the box to stand out. So be special this winter, because a wedding is like that perfect cup of cha during midday – served to wash out the exhaustion but is so good that it’s still missed the rest of the day!



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