Fantasic ‘Doi’ And Where To Find Them

By Marzan Jamia


A big part of Bengali cuisine is based on mouth watering desserts. While roshmalai, chom chom, haluwa and other traditional sweet assemble in most feast tables, one dessert that people with a sweet tooth just cannot let go of is “doi.” To be more specific, it is the mishti doi (or sweet yogurt) that everyone loves to attack after a stomach and heart pleasing meal!


Both sweet and sour yogurts are easily found in any dessert shop of the country, yet one place that every Bengali sweet yogurt lover wants to get this gourmet dessert from is Bogra! Everyone wants their share of the authentic sweet yogurt that is made best only in Bogra and the city is considered as the home of this dessert till date.


Why Bogra?

As an answer to this, the locals tell a story of Gouro Gopal Chandra Ghosh, who came to Sherpur from India decades back and started making dairy products in his house as a profession. His excellent taste soon made it through out the country, and now his “Gouro Gopal Dodhi Vandar” first established as Gouro Gopal Dadhi Ghar, is run by his family. It’s also the oldest doi shop in Bogra!


A variety to choose from

While sweet doi is a common favourite, white doi has no added sugar and is perfect for diabetes patients. Sour doi goes by its name. For drinks, “doi of ghole” is what people go for. Finally, “shahi doi,” white in color and creamiest at its best with less added sugar, is a favourite to all.


If you care to make them yourself, heat the milk at 80 degrees (Celsius) to kill bacteria and denature protein to avoid forming curd. Cool the milk till 45 degrees, add bacteria culture and maintain the temperature for four to seven hours to allow fermentation.



Unless someone is planning to make some yogurt themselves or buy doi from Premium Sweets, Khazana Mithai, or even Rosh, it is a good idea to book a trip with and dig a generous portion out of the traditional clay pots from Akhi Doi Ghar, Rofat Doi Ghor, Sompa Hotel and Doi Ghor, Sherpur Doi Ghor, Sherpur Doi Mishti Ghor and other equally yogurt arenas.


For what else can be better than living life on the taste bud with a memorable holiday with close ones?



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