Is WordPress obsolete

WordPress is anything but obsolete! It is not going anywhere, at least for now. The number of WordPress-powered websites are plenty and some of them are major companies using WP from the very core. You can refer to WordPress as the boss of the Web as it’s now a full framework of a strong content management protocol.

Since using WordPress is relatively less hassle and more secure, most high-profile organizations and companies such as New York times and white house use WordPress to project the website. The access to WordPress is super simple, and thus WP ceases to exist providing the service any individual would need for running up their website!

The reasons for WordPress having the Big dominance

It is easy, yet powerful. The huge line of community that comes with using WordPress is built to provide support to anyone and everyone starting to learn it. Fun to navigate through and up the dashboard, easy to get solutions for the problems in the WordPress forum and one would need only some primary computer skills to understand and build a website with WordPress. However, this isn’t all, if you’re wondering why else WordPress is so popular in 2021, here’s what it offers:

  • Plenty of themes to add to the site
  • Versatile features and plugins
  • Customization of codes

Final words

The more we advance, the more WordPress would have an upper hand in the website management industry. So, if you ever thought of building a website of your own, you can potentially use WordPress and get it done. Steam Pug content can offers the services you’d need to learn and navigate through WordPress with utmost ease!





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