Light It Up!

By Saima Khan


As the sales of flats in Dhaka increases, individuals become ever more eager to decorate their homes in accordance to the latest fashion trends, experimenting with as many unique styles as possible. From wallpapers to divans to cushions, each component is selected so meticulously that the entirety of the drawing room or the living room is almost always close to perfect, of course, with the help of immaculate lighting that best suits the ambience of the house. Long gone are the days of using chandeliers for living rooms, where it would be the only source of glamour. Chandeliers have started to take different forms nowadays, ranging from the simple ones that one can even hang in a balcony, to the more gorgeous ones that boost the splendour of a hallway by several degrees. There are several ways to make the house look absolutely fabulous with lights and chandeliers. Here are some that one can trust without a doubt.


Over the Hallway


Make the walk from room to room a bit more interesting by hanging a chandelier or two above the path to light the way in a fashion-forward style. Try to choose simpler hangings for the hallway, as there may not be ample space for grand ones, and they may well look out-of-place in a narrow hallway.


Above the Dining Room Table


Let’s be honest, the dining room is an obvious option as to where to hang a chandelier. But, if one decides to use a chandelier that’s a little outside the box one will create something different than the usual, dramatic and conservative ethos a typical chandelier may add.


From the Centre of the Living Room Ceiling


Another obvious option is perhaps over the drawing room table, because an ornate chandelier matching the aura of the drapes completes a room perfectly. However, it has to be noted that the chandelier in the drawing room should exude the same colour of light with the one in the dining room and the living room to make the atmosphere coherent.


Over the Bed


Another place for a chandelier to add some romance…over the bed! Instead of using a dramatic headboard, something subtler could doneby adding a beautiful chandelier in the mix. For large bedrooms, even smaller simpler chandeliers could be hung above the side tables too.


On the Balcony


More importance is being put on balconies nowadays as people become environment-friendly and make it a habit to grow small gardens. A small scale chandelier will look splendid over a wooden rocking chair gazing over the not-so-quiet Dhaka city below at night.


Over the Head


Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, and even from different cultures of the world. While the age-old crystal chandeliers turn the house effortlessly into an epitome of elegance, one should definitely try out the many other options, including the recently popular Turkish lamps that come in various colours.


But of course too many chandeliers may sometimes be a bit putting off, and that’s where all other sources of lighting come into the picture, because lighting just makes everything better. Lamps play a great role in order to accentuate all the beautiful corners of a room. They even come with different shades, with some shades matching the design of the curtains of a room, for example. Lamps which resemble old-fashioned kerosene lanterns have also caught up with the trend.

Speaking of old-fashioned items making a comeback, candle stands have become an essential in households of every style.  From ultra-modern glass candle stands to the more authentic wooden ones, they will surely highlight all the nooks and crannies with a velvety golden tint.


Saving the Wallet


Nevertheless, the above mentioned beauties don’t always come for reasonable prices, which is exactly why individuals with financial constraints would consider other ways of lighting up the house that add the same elegance for far lower costs. What’s more interesting is that it has become even easier to whip up those DIY lightings that look far more beautiful than they are worth. Fairy lights packed in glass jars and bottles is an absolutely full-proof way to make a room look gorgeous. Even without the glass jars and bottles, fairy lights could simply be hanged anywhere to make rooms look top- notch. Another superb method is by painting glass orbs or jars and attaching simple bulbs within. To be honest, one can go absolutely wild with all the creativity and yet end up with a beautiful result because after all, lights make all the darkness retreat.


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