Local Entrepreneur helps Professionalize Your Creativity

The word ‘entrepreneur’ has brought a revolutionary shift in the current world of business. There was a time when being an entrepreneur was akin to sailing in the stormy weather- yes, it was possible but only by a few persistent souls. While some risk-takers would reach their destination, others would be devoured by the vast sea. However, the situation has reversed today, where entrepreneurs are as ubiquitous as a double-shot espresso. Scanning the paper for job advertisements, waiting days after days for the interview results, and handing out countless job applications are no longer the only option for people in the present world. Entrepreneurs are rising everywhere and creating wonders around the world.


Rise of local entrepreneurs in Bangladesh:


It is inspiring to see that the youths of Bangladesh have made a giant leap in ending the cycle of conventional business or jobs being their only hope. Thus, Bangladesh has experienced an upsurge in the start-up culture within the last few years.


The pandemic acted as a double-edged sword in the job market from 2020. On the one hand, the pandemic left many jobless as companies shut down or demand-specific sectors went downhill. But, on the other hand, this pandemic gave people the much-needed space to think and explore their creativity. The internet acted as the spark plug in shedding light on the unveiled talents of people from different walks of life. Within no time, the success stories of the local entrepreneurs of Bangladesh became a widely-discussed topic in the country.


Since childhood, we all have heard that everyone is born with unique talents or abilities. However, growing up, how many people have believed in it? In Bangladesh, the lack of a platform is one of the biggest reasons people are stuck with conventional jobs instead of following their passion. A local entrepreneur named Rad Sharar Bin Kamal created a solid platform that advocates creativity in the youths of Bangladesh. He is the founder and CEO of a content platform called SteamPug which currently has many freelance writers, web developers, editors, and designers working consistently to provide great content.


How SteamPug helps to professionalize the talent of youths?


SteamPug (SPC) helps professionalize creativity by guiding the parameters using Artificial Intelligence. Creativity indeed knows no bound, but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, right? The design or logo that might seem creative to the designer might be the opposite of what the client wanted. Furthermore, the parameters of creativity vary from person to person, which often creates conflict between the content creator and clients. SPC allows your imagination to thrive within boundaries while ensuring client satisfaction.


SPC adds professionalism to the content through AI. In SPC, the writers won’t give just about their writings; instead, they will prove the authenticity of their writing through apps like ‘Grammarly.’ Similarly, the designer or the editors prove their creative designs or logos through various AI-based apps. The AI makes sure to modify the content according to client preferences which add value to the output. The output generated by SPC isn’t subjective; instead, it is professional.


The Bangladeshi economist, micro-financing pioneer, and founder of the grassroots Grameen Bank, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, said, “We are all entrepreneurs.” An entrepreneur gives a platform to many people who express their unique creativities. Being a local entrepreneur, the CEO, and founder of SteamPug connects to people personally. He explains that the satisfaction of working with something that you love is unparalleled, and thus through SteamPug wants to give that feeling to freelancers. He merges the content with AI to ensure professional content that helps the freelancers achieve higher standards and impress the clients.


A platform that professionalizes your work makes you believe in yourself. It boosts creativity as we feel like every talent inside us is worth getting recognized. SteamPug indeed made the imaginations of many people come to a full circle. Many organizations like SteamPug are working consistently to make a difference for themselves and a vast number of people. The yearning to impact makes being an entrepreneur way more rewarding in this highly competitive generation.


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