Painting Perception

By Afia Jahin


No matter how clichéd it is to start a piece with “you are what you wear,” trust us, it is relevant here. Just as your clothes reflect your personality, so does the way in which you decorate the rest of your surroundings. While Pantone has declared Ultra Violet as the color for the year 2018, reality still exists for you and I, and it tells us: do what you love, and decorate how you love. We aim to help you navigate in the world of color trends in home décor and customize your home in a relevant, yet personal, way.


Acceptance Comes First


Trends are funny things. We will get a peek of a new one – maybe through social media – and we will either snort derisively or think nothing of it. However, since it is a trend, we will see it repeatedly, until finally, without our being completely conscious of it, we will realize that we actually like this trend a little.


For yours truly, this series of events occurred regarding the color Blush Pink. At first, everyone was annoyed at everything being this dull shade of almost beige pink. We were annoyed at people loving it. But soon enough, of course, we started gravitating towards anything in that color. We began to see the warmth in it, the somberness of it, the maturity and elegance – reflecting traits we adored. The point being that color trends may seem scary at first, but you are not obligated to accept them without loving them.


Know the Color Wheel


That being said, one of your best friends in deciding which color palette will suit your likings best is the color wheel. Google it. The rule of thumb is that colors which are opposite to each other on the wheel, complement each other very well. For instance, red complements green, yellow complements purple, orange complements blue, and so on. While the color wheel consists of the primary and secondary colors only, these can help you figure out how well colors derived from these will complement each other. A peach-colored vase (a mix of white with a bit of orange) will be pleasant on a deep teal wooden corner table.


Fight for Neutrality


Another thing to keep in mind is that, when it comes to home décor, there are more neutral colors than black and white. The obvious one is brown, the color of most woods; and something that goes well with every color. Another easy-going color is beige. It is the black of light colors, it goes well with everything.


Say you buy an apartment in Dhaka, there is a very high chance that every wall surrounding that space will be pre-painted white. If you want to step outside that basic box, but still wish to keep things neutral, go with beige. When decorating your home, try to pick at least one basic neutral color. No matter how different the color scheme of each room is, the whole house will still seem cohesive and put together.


Match the Mood


Speaking of coherence, while colors can change the mood of any home, interior design can make or break the look you are going for with your color scheme. For example, there are so many flats for sale in Dhaka city which have built-in wooden cupboards and closets, and sometimes painting over the brown is not the best idea. In these cases, you can always work around the colors that already exist in your apartment, which can sometimes halve the amount of brainstorming you have to do regarding color schemes.


Extreme Contrast


Lastly, choose wisely which deep or bright colors you would like to use in your home. It is always a good idea to not have, for instance, the colors of the walls clash against the colors of the curtains. If you go with a warm green for your walls, it would be more pleasing on the eyes for the furniture to be, say, a muted brown, and for the curtains to be neutral in color.


What Matters Most


The task of turning an apartment into a home is daunting, so take it one step at a time. At the end of the day though, your home should, in even a small way, give you peace and refresh your mind for the next day to come, be it through furniture or colors.

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