Providing Freelancers with Professional and Creative Work

Freelancing has introduced a new era of changing work structure by recognizing every talent. Talents are incomparable, and every talent deserves to be valued. In the ‘old days,’ people were conditioned to believe that we needed to get a conventional job that paid well and stick with it for the rest of our lives. The risk of leaving steady employment kept all but the most fearless workers from striking out independently.


At present, technological innovation is a game-changer in the job market as it is constantly overturning the work structures. Now people can work under 6-7 employers, place bids on more new jobs, and attend virtual meetings across the globe. From designers to coders and app developers, creative writers and editors, researchers and social media marketers, customer service agents, data analysts, and myriads of other specializations, all are landing various jobs in the freelancing platform.


Freelancing is reshaping Bangladesh: 


Bangladesh is a country with a vast population and a high unemployment rate. With the growing population, it becomes difficult to find conventional jobs. The constant worry about getting a job and the disappointment of not getting one takes a massive toll on the mental health of the youth of this country. Thus, freelancing has come as a boom in this country by reshaping its conventional work structure. The freelancers can now professionalize their creativities by sitting at home.


Providing freelancers with professional and creative work: SteamPug


In Bangladesh, about 500,000 active freelancers are regularly working. The benefits of freelancing are many, starting with the independence of being your boss. However, freelancing isn’t always independence and sunshine. One of the most significant disadvantages of freelancing via the freelancing website is that people often wind up doing the work they don’t get paid for. Many freelancers put their best result according to the client and still don’t get paid, and the wait for payment can be very off-putting, especially for beginner freelancers. Many freelancing platforms in Bangladesh are now working to solve this issue by providing freelancers with professional and creative work. One example of such a platform is SteamPug. SteamPug is a content platform with freelance writers, web designers, and editors. The founder and CEO, Rad Sharar Bin Kamal, is a marketing graduate who is helping to bring out creativity from all walks of life through this company.


SPC hires freelancers and provides them with work from various clients. Being a freelancer alone can be pretty scary. The constant searches on YouTube to understand the process of freelancing, finding genuine clients, finding a network of people, and waiting for payment can be overwhelming. In the freelancing website, ‘trust’ is a big word as freelancers need to trust their clients to make the payments on time and have a trustworthy network of people to help them. SPC takes care of all these matters for you. Being a freelancer in SPC is like finding the anchor in the sea of freelancing. SPC brings limitless possibilities for freelancers as they get work from big clients. Clients are often more inclined to get their job done through an agency than a freelancer alone, as they believe that the agencies will ensure a professional career.


SPC uses AI-based apps to ensure quality work. It doesn’t priorities the judgments of the content creator regarding the content but instead measures the content via artificial intelligence. The benefits of SPC are not limited to providing professional work only; SPC makes sure that the freelancers are paid duly. As a freelancer, I know exactly the worth of my work. However, freelancers are paid a lot less than they deserve as beginners. Freelancers working under SPC get an identity solely based on their skills, not on their experiences.


The Bangladeshi entrepreneurs are working to change the work structure of the country by helping people follow the path of their dreams. With further advancement of technology, mindsets will slowly start to adjust, and more people are likely to choose the online platform to professionalize their work. The initiatives taken by SteamPug and other freelancing media are maneuvering this generation towards a vast world of infinite possibilities.


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