The new age of marketing: influencers

With the dynamic advancement of the marketing hub, the scene is pretty different in the business world to what it was, 50 to 60 years back. More people are resorting to the online approach in order to focus on the new age promotional realm. One of such realm is the influencer marketing where celebrities are in charge of influencing purchase of certain products. When you’re following an influencer, you get a peek in their life and everything they do fascinates a large following. Influencer marketing is hence very rapid and very noteworthy.


Influencers have their ways of engaging with their fans and following. The admiration can very well be used for catering the targets of the business owners. Engaging Q/As and insights about the product gives a thorough look on any product the consumer wants to buy, and that’s where influencer marketing clicks the chance!

Types of influencer marketing

The internet is creative and so are its people! Bloggers and vloggers or people from the social marketing industry improvises different categories to channel the creativity into marketing strategies such as:

  • Giveaways and competitions
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored content
  • Ambassador positions
  • Activation in events

Platforms for influencer marketing

There are so many platforms that influencers use in order to get their message get through in the world. However, few social medias have gained the popularity to be as effective as influencer marketing hub. Facebook, Instagram and tiktok are the top platforms to look out for!


If you want services that will help your business get into the limelight through influencer marketing, look no further! Steam pug content can be your convenient solution!

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