The perfect design to ensure traction for your website

How awesome does the engagement of your website gets when it runs with maximum traction? Remember when you were taught that first impression lasts a fortune? Well, this is also where it implies. When a visitor enters your website, the first glance will always be the determinant point of whether or not they’ll stick around in your site. The goal for reaching maximum audience target is by creating a versatile design for your website that compels them to go deeper into the content.

So what do we take into account when creating and building a website for maximum traction? Let’s find out!

Decide your key focus


If you’re planning to put a lot of side bar opt-ins, popups and other page opt-ins, prepared to have your visitors’ attention being pulled away. Focusing on a specific call to action can ensure the attention of your audience is not being pulled off in too many directions. The best web design  to warrant the attention of your audience is by approaching a clean design. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a really clear unblocked view, a small number of links, callouts and action buttons around? A fresh surface to breath in, indeed!

Set up the right navigation


Trimming down the navigation for your website and setting them according to priority is definitely setting everything clear. The best way to go for navigation is putting mission critical page on the main bar and other pages such as about us and frequently asked questions can be placed in the secondary ones.


Final words:

Want to know more about how to build a solid traction for your website and never look back? Steam pug content can always be at your service!




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