Tiny Gardens of Babylon?

By Sadia Tahsin


We often dodge the idea of gardening, thinking that we do not have enough space in our apartments, but to that we say “it has never been easier than it is now”. New ideas are being shared every day, thanks to the internet. Dhaka has very little greenery to offer for our penurious eyes, even though it is one of the key ingredients to relieving stress, preventing and curing many diseases, and of course, looking aesthetically pleasing to the nature-lovers who should be able to upload Instagram pictures with the hashtag #naturelove, without having to drive too long to find some fresh ecology.


As post-apocalyptic as it sounds, the situation needs prompt attention if we want to live a healthier life. So, how do we fit all the beautiful greens of nature into the small spaces of our apartments? The more creative your arrangement of greenery, the trendier it will look. In fact, it gets trendier the lesser it costs.




Pickle jars are one of the most timelessly artistic ways of planting greens. They can be placed anywhere in the house and moved around whenever and wherever we feel like. An alternative can be round fish bowls which will look absolutely unorthodox without putting in too much of an effort. This too, is very mobile.




Bookshelves can look incomplete sometimes so why not reorganize the furniture slightly and get those bookshelves under the rays? How so? Empty an entire shelf and decorate it with beautiful plants and flowers. If the space allows, doing the same to every other shelf will look undoubtedly chic. Books and greens – that is one dynamic couple.




Filling our balconies with pots everywhere is not a good way of killing space, if it is not one of your personal preferences. Telephoning the carpenter may work wonders in this regard. They can place some wooden racks on the wall of your balcony- you can line the pots and fit more plants than you could before, overlaying lesser space and looking a lot better. Cutting plastic bottles and painting them can look very creative as well, and hanging them up is also another way of saving space and looking unconventional at the same time. Additionally, creepers look the best in the balconies and can fit in very easily.




The window railings can be used to hang up greens at different heights. Using glass pots or even bulbs might add a little more drama to your plain window. Lining greens up the staircase can add life to it and make climbs rich in oxygen, if not joyous. Fixing pots to the walls inside the house is another way of keeping the nature closer and decorating at a lower cost.


Tips and Tricks


Planting crops that are rich in nutrition is also very easily possible if a little bit of care is put into it. Medium sized containers can be used and placed in the balcony or even on the terrace if one type of crop is to be planted. Larger tubs are better if multiple crops are to be sown. Making sure that the water passes by making holes on the underside and around the tub is necessary. Cleaning out weeds will allow for better outcomes. One more important thing we will need is patience, because good things take time.


It is no longer necessary for city lives to be dull and lifeless. Mother Nature needs to be welcomed in, because hidden in it are many cures that we overlook. The world was designed in such a way that we see green wherever we look. All the greenery that was meant to be a part of our lives is taken away from us in the name of urbanization. Most flats for sale in Dhaka are situated amongst block-after-block of concrete, and so we, the city-dwellers, are deprived of the natural cosmos.


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