Types of Bengali University Friend Circles

By Tasnim Tabassum Diana


We have all grown up watching those American high school movies that insist on the existence of cliques that determine your social status for years. The morale of these movies was always that all these labels that you carried in your school life just goes poof into the air when you grow up and go off to college. Well, I am here to tell you that university life is just like the one you endured through your teen years, with just a few alterations.


These Bhaiyyas were there long before you joined university and will continue to be there long after you graduate.  If you do and will run into them as they usually loiter around the gallery and student lounges, they will offer guidance to you about how giving up on education has enriched their lives and left them with a sense of fulfillment.


They are not your classic nerds even though most of them do retain a 4.00 GPA. These are the kids you will find participating at every event or competition, inter or intra, at your university. Maybe the competition is not even related to their decided major or even their department but they are bringing that trophy home…or fail trying.


Now this group does not necessarily only involve newly turned eco-friendly people. Students, who never cared for the political situation or the homeless people on the streets before, have now transformed into mini human rights activists. They are also the ones responsible for organizing contributing events like blood donation drives and greener earth campaigns, as long as they are going through that phrase.


Our next category is for married girls (or women) who decided to tie the knot or were made to even though they just learnt how to tie actual knots. There is no way to identify one as they talk and dress the same as regular girls. However, one fine lecture they just stop showing up, having been sent abroad to the ‘husband’ after finally having been approved the visa.


This group represents most of us who are still trying to get up on our feet and have no idea who we really are or what else we are expected to do other than scrambling to lectures and submitting barely-finished lectures.

There are more cliques than these few mentioned but that is just the beauty of university life. You will always find a group of people who relate to you and share the same traits. If you can’t find one, just create one yourself and maybe I will write about that.

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