We bring KPI’S to Creativity

The word ‘entrepreneur’ is recurrent in the present world. Entrepreneurs are as ubiquitous as search engines. However, being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it looks. An entrepreneur needs to make a series of choices, constantly brainstorm and plan the next steps and be vigilant about the changing world. However, continually brainstorming new ideas and managing people while focusing on changing trends and client reviews can be overwhelming. Thanks to the advancement of technology, entrepreneurs can now use KPI to take their content-creating platforms to the pinnacle of success. KPI (key performance indicator) is the indicator that can judge a person’s performance by numbers and percentages. KPI helps the clients measure the output of any creative content by numbers instead of personal judgments.


How are the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh using KPI to succeed?


Bangladesh is booming with entrepreneurs who are creating new platforms every day. SteamPug content is a rising content creating platform in Bangladesh that helps to professionalize people’s Creativity. The founder and CEO of SteamPug, Rad Sharar Bin Kamal, and his team of freelance writers, web designers, and editors use various KPIs to judge creative content.


There was a time when Creativity was immeasurable. For example, a creative art piece would only get more attention if many people’ felt’ it was beautiful. However, in the age of technology, people don’t judge by their ‘feelings’ anymore; instead, they use Artificial Intelligence to measure Creativity.


Using AI, SPC ensures that they deliver effective writing, beautiful designs, and top-notch website performances to their clients. But how do we know that the paper is influential? Well, you don’t have to trust your feelings anymore. Instead, apps like ‘Grammarly’ will ensure the effectiveness of writing. Similarly, various AI-based apps guide the clients to judge the output of any content.


In SPC, the clients can put their trust in the KPI value of the employees rather than trusting the feelings or personal tastes of the writers or designers. Clients are ensured that the content provided is measured based on ‘numbers,’ not on ‘feelings.’ Not only that, the Creativity in SPC is not measured by the Bangladeshi standards, global standards measure. Thus, clients from any part of the world can order their content in SPC and receive professional content. SteamPug will keep using this data-driven approach to make and serve more impactful content in the future.





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