Where to Lounge When in Rajshahi

Rajshahi is a gem located in the north-west of Bangladesh, but sadly, we do not see the regular rush of tourists flocking to sight see there, despite it having a rich history from the Mughal regime and a lot of visually captivating sights from those times.

Just to mention a few of those in the Rajshahi City itself- there is the Puthia Temple Complex, which is a renowned temple inside the city, and the Varendra Research Museum, a historical building housing many pieces of our glorious history. Rajshahi also has the Bagha Mosque, which is situated 25 miles southeast of Rajshahi, and is a historic mosque made of clay. We also cannot forget the Bara Ahnik Temple and the Pancharatna Gobinda Temple, two very beautiful temples inside Rajshahi, and of course, Chhoto Sona Mosque, which happens to be the last and the most striking one of the lot; a must see mosque that is one of the greatest works of architecture in this subcontinent.


The hefty list is comprised of just sites to see in Rajshahi City, but if you broaden your horizon to the areas outside, untold wonders await. I’m not exaggerating; there are some very significant landmarks to see in this area and of course, while visiting Rajshahi, you would want to live in a well-reputed and well-reviewed place, which also happens to be conveniently located near the landmarks mentioned earlier. Here is a run-down of some of the popular hotels in Rajshahi:


Hotel Dallas International

This is probably the most expensive in the list, but they are known to offer every known amenity under the sun.


Warisan Residential Hotel & Restaurant

As expenses go, this is a close contender to Hotel Dallas, alongside providing cheaper, but great nonetheless, options.


Hotel Mukta International

This hotel offers four types of rooms with different price tags and packaging of amenities, making it a good place to look into if you’re looking for variety.


Anjum Hotel International

The pricing range is not too different from the one mentioned above, though it is a little pricier with lesser options.


Hotel Star Abashik

This hotel offers good rooms for really cheap prices. Granted, it does not stand on the same footing as the others on the list, but it is a great option if you are alright with a few shortcomings but good service.

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